Monday, June 8, 2009

New Blog for me

Hey there. This is my latest try at the blog scene. I have one degree in Bible now, and I'm fixin' to get another, so I'm under the delusion that I know something. I'm also presumptuous enoughto think that something I know is worth other people knowing about.

My goodness, I've nearly convinced myself to cease and desist. nearly.

So here is the blog


  1. Hey Aaron,
    What a great joy to read through your postings in your blog. Well done, great job! you are really sooo cool and genius! bringing fresh air and deep thoughts from Jerusalem. Thanks so much and looking forward for more. With regret I am not in the position to comment as yet in substance to your postings, allowing myself just basking under such wonderful works of yours well done with the wits known of Aaron Christianson only.

    my name is Maria.

  2. Wow, what a complement. I really appreciate that. I'd advise you not to take what I say too too seriously. There are a couple problems with me. One problem is that I have a lot of new ideas that haven't been properly put to the test by peer review (which is part of what this Blog is about). That problem is compounded by the the fact that I'm only half trained. I'm just starting my Grad-studies, and I'm finding out all the time how much I don't know. There could be things I'm writing that are totally flawed because I don't know about this or that historical detail.

    Coming up with crazy ideas has always been my strong suit. Sorting out the mess I've made, not so much.