Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hey everyone, I've been drowning in work here, but I love it. My teachers are excellent, and my classes interesting (at the Hebrew U of Jerusalem, for those who don't know). Whenever I get a free moment, I will have TONS of stuff to blog about, Old Testament style.

I hope to squeeze out another post about the Synoptics tomorrow, if I can muster the energy for it, and finish up the whole thing about the Gospels by the end of January, so I can shift my focus to what I'm working on now.

Despite the lack of attention I've been giving this blog, it appears to be gaining a flourishing readership. Just found out that I've been listed on Biblioblog Top 50 Website. I'm at 122 right now, for the month of December. Interesting, since I've barely posted anything in the last couple of months. I'm listed in the complete listing under New Testament and Early Christianity, right next to Ben Witherington. Hmm... I feel good about this, and I'm not sure that's a good thing.
Who cares? maybe me a little, but I guess not the readers of my blog. More on the Gospels tomorrow.


  1. You made it to the list! That's really cool, didn't realise a top 50 list had a 122 place :D

    If you could email me your address that would be very much apreciated

  2. yeaaas ... that's really neat you start the ladder on 122. Congratulations!
    I enjoy reading your postings whenever you pop-up on fb and I learn much. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep up the wonderful work Aaron; surely private tutorial is beneficial to many.
    May you continue to receive God's blessings, guidance and insights in your works and studies.

  3. about which to blog

  4. This must be mother dearest.

    I love you.

  5. I've learned from the best. Love you, too